Phone monitoring software

You may ask yourself if there are good and ethically correct reasons to do mobile monitoring on anyone's devices. Our and the answer of many others is yes, because there are situations where this can be useful in doing good and keeping track of those who may need that. That would be children or your employees, if they use a phone given from your company.

The app that can help you with that is Mobile Spy, it allows you to get all information from the other phone, just as you were using it. It is ethically correct because the app needs to be installed on the device that is being used by the other person, and it can be seen at any time and one can know what it is doing, but can't uninstall it. This app is especially good because you can access all the information of the mobile monitoring with any device through their online control panel and their online support is the best out there.

Another pretty good app to track someone's activity on their phone or tablet is Phone Sheriff. This app works quite similar to Mobile Spy, it can give you all the messages, GPS locations and browsing history from a certain device if it is installed on it. What makes them different is that they are compatible with Blackberry phones as well, beside iOS and Android ones. With this app you can even block certain apps of being used or disable the user of the device to communicate with strangers which is a good protection for children.

A little pricier mobile monitoring app is The One Spy, which you can get in three packages, starting from $0,6 to $1,6 per day. What makes them special are a few features like restricting phone calls, defining trigger words for SMS, which, if used, will activate an alert and even deleting files on the device. This app gives you absolute control over the monitored device, but for a certain price, of course.